Anson Jones Press - List of Publications
  1. Ourselves: Being Poems out of the Rice Institute
  2. The Heroes of San Jacinto
  3. Interwoven: A Pioneer Chronicle
  4. Texas
  5. Poem on Texas
  6. It Occurred in Kimble
  7. Amber from the Moon
  8. Texas Independence Houston
  9. Beaumont, A Guide to the City and its Environs
  10. The Vegetation of Texas
  11. Port Arthur
  12. Marine Life in Texas Waters
  13. Houston
  14. Texas Declaration of Independence
  15. We March But We Remember, Stratford Memorial Address        
  16. L’Archeveque
  17. Polly, A Rebel Parrot
  18. Texas Brags
  19. Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  20. Liberation from Taxation
  21. The Singing Voice is Never Stilled
  22. The Gardener’s Cookbook
  23. Boll Weevil, Recollections of the Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway
  24. Soundings
  25. P.S. to Pecos
  26. Letters to a Lawyer
  27. The Hutchinson Family of Laurens County South Carolina and Descendants
  28. Master of the Sycamores
  29. Mercedes: A New Orleans Hurricane
  30. The Saga of Pole Cat Ridge
  31. Harris County, Republic of Texas 1939-45
  32. Texas and Its Revolution
  33. It's the Damned Ball
  34. Corduroy Road; Story of Glenn McCarthy
  35. The Old Town Speaks        
  36. Yankees in the Republic of Texas
  37. Transcendent Flight
  38. The Meaning of Home
  39. Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church
  40. Recollections of Robertson County Texas
  41. Love, I Remember
  42. Tom Tellespen - Builder & Believer
  43. If Ever You Need Me
  44. Blue Bird Circle Recipes
  45. Robert Stewart Hyer-The Man I Knew
  46. Holland-Jackson Genealogy
  47. Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  48. Railroads to the Rio
  49. The Quest of the Earth's Fullness
  50. Texas Wends, Their First Half-Century
  51. The French in Mexico
  52. Flaming Feuds of Colorado County
  53. A Chaplain Afloat and Ashore
  54. Holland: To Those Who Care
  55. The Hicks-Adams-Bass-Floyd-Patillo and Collateral
  56. Lines Together with Family Letters The Waldec Letters
  57. The Texas Heritage of the Fishers and the Clarks
  58. Recollections of a Texas Educator
  59. Fort McKavett Texas: Post on the San Saba
  60. Trickham, Texas, A Neighborly Chronicle
  61. The Chihuahua Trail
  62. Temple National Bank: A history
  63. The Track of the Albatross
  64. Along the Way with Horses and Me
  65. In the Circles of Time
  66. Stagecoach , SA-El Paso
  67. Spur Ranch-and Other Circles of Time
  68. Pony Express, Carry my Message!
  69. Mickey Girl
  70. High Ground
Watercolor of the Fanin St. book store