Hugh H Fletcher
I am a Texan living in California. This Texas thing is hard to understand unless you have
lived in Texas for some time or are blessed to have Texas blood. Texans are uniquely
proud of their state, and rightly so.

My grandmother, Thelma Rawls was born in 1905 and raised in the Big Bend. Like many
of the rancher's daughters she attended school in San Antonio. While working in Moos'
bookstore on Broadway she met my grandfather Herbert Herrick Fletcher who was
serving in the Army in the early 1920's.

They married and moved to Houston. Herbert had experience and training as a book
man. They opened Fletcher's book store and started the Anson Jones Press. In the
1940's Herbert began moving his business to Salado Texas north of Austin in Bell
County. Their grandson Tyler R  still  maintains the business on North Main St.

Despite my training in Mathematics and a career in technology I guess I came across
the book collecting bug fairly I guess. I am fortunate to have been able to put together a
complete set (at least I am not aware of any others) of Herbert's Anson Jones Press
publications. Please take a look. If there is something missing please let me know.

Hugh Fletcher at Glacier National Park
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